Large & imposing. Perfect for parking lots & other high-traffic areas.

RubberTough® 360 delineator products are composed of an innovative and durable two-piece omni-directional hinge and feature a large 3-1/2" post diameter.

The omni-directional hinge utilizes proven Dura-Post® material technology combined with a heavy-duty inner tube to achieve the strong yet flexible design required to rebound larger, heavy posts and signage. RubberTough posts are available with a Surface Mount Galvanized Steel Screw Down Hinge Bracket (SMB), a driveable soil spike (GPS) or a portable base (PCD).

The post with the most versaitle installation options and uses.

Safe-Hit surface mounted and soil anchored channelizers and tubular markers are easy to install and come standard with a convenient surface mount twist-lock or pin-lock base or soil anchor allowing post replacement in 30 seconds.

The surface posts can be installed on asphalt or concrete using epoxy kits, butyl pads or mechanical anchors. Bases installed using a butyl pad or mechanical anchors can be reused.

Great for marking islands, left-hand turn lanes and crosswalks.

Dura-Post delineators are composed of a highly durable specialty polymer and feature a 3” post diameter. They are designed for areas with high impact frequency and have been successfully tested to withstand over 200 impacts at 60mph!

The post remains extremely flexible even at extreme temperatures. Decals can be used instead of reflective sheeting if desired.

BARRACUDA Heavy-Duty Portable Barricade

The BARRACUDA is the premier interconnecting barricade that is ideal for separating and controlling pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Highly portable, the Barracuda can be adapted to many applicatons including using as parking channelizers.

Modular in design, the length of the BARRACUDA system can be varied for specific applications.

Bottom line: The Barracuda helps keep kids and cars away from each other!

   Mark the Safe Route to your school with a custom                         Many other signs and decals are available.
   Safe-Hit safe route decal & delineator post.

Reduce traffic to a safe speed with our highly visible, solid plastic speed bumps. Made from 100% recycled plastic, these speed bumps will never erode or lose their color.

Speed bumps are available in 6 foot lengths and include hardware and installation instructions.

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